Forming a Rivers Edge

Residency, workshop and performance for Shepparton Festival, April 2024

With Maggie Ellis and Kris Tito at Bunbartha Community Hall and Loch Gary Wetlands

Our creative practice aims to sensitively connect with the diverse landscapes, environments and communities of Loch Garry Wetlands. Forming a Rivers Edge aims to hold space for individual and collective reflections on the history, ecology, contemporary challenges and impacts of flooding in these unique wetlands.

The artists’ collective embodied processes for researching place bring them here to ask, is there a Rivers edge? How does the River permeate into the surrounding ecologies, and into the identity of the community? Our creative explorations during the week prior, including the open studio and public workshop will culminate in this performance sharing at Loch Garry Wetlands. 

This is a gentle offering that proposes new ways in which we can be transformed by, and alongside, the uniqueness of these living wetlands. An opportunity to thoughtfully reconnect with these complex ecologies and our human vulnerabilities!