2014 3 channel video, sound, 16:30 minutes, continuous loop Found objects, ash, red wine, soil, make up, charcoal, rose petals, oil Dimensions variable Untitled: Drawing for Mildura Palimpsest #9 was presented as part of the 2013 Mildura Palimpsest Biennale. The… Continue Reading


Gallery 25, MilduraThe act of performance encompasses an experience only shared between the performer and audience in that moment. By re-presenting the performance through image and object, this exhibition seeks to embody the energy of the experience and extend the… Continue Reading


2014 6 hour performance writing the manifesto of Marina Abramovic

Mildura Palimpsest #9

Untitled: Drawing for Mildura Palimpsest #92013Live performanceWhat is 'the self' and how does this operate within society? Untitled (Drawing for Mildura Palimpsest #9) is an exploration of this question, and an attempt to re-instate an authentic individuality for myself. It… Continue Reading

The Cleansing

2012 ​series of photographs documenting creating the Body Echoes series​ ​In this room, behind closed curtains, a woman has stood bare. What can’t be said but only felt is left on the paper as remnants of the past. Wilted, wilting,… Continue Reading

a rose for every good thing you've done

2012​​ Sleeping performance with blanket, made from 96 drawings, red wine on paper The allusion of the rose meaning confidentiality goes back to classical times. There’s a famous story from those times in which Cupid — the Roman god of… Continue Reading


2012​ 49 monoprints, found objects, soundscape 5.40mins  All is quiet in Yamada-San’s garden. Under darkness, Kelly digs her fingers into the soft earth and tugs on a large bulb. She pulls up several more and drops them into a bag.… Continue Reading

Lamberts Swamp

2014 Site specific performance at Lamberts Swamp Salt Lake

Fragmented Coalesce

Fragmented Coalesce is a site specific, collaborative video performance with Rohan Morris created for the Mildura Palimpsest Biennale #10. We worked across two sites- Mildura and Hobart- exploring themes of identity and relationship to place, engaging in a ‘performative conversation’… Continue Reading

Collective Bisoku- Mildura

  A performance by the xs collective alongside members of the community, facilitated by Rachel Kendrigan. Collective Bisoku creates a dialogue around the accelerated, technological, and excessive world we live in. The performance itself has no destination, no end point,… Continue Reading

Body Landscape

The flickering of ants in the grass at nightfall reflect in the stars across the sky. Calm. Sleep. Imprint. They’re your trees now too. The weight of it all an aggressive wringing dirty water, slowly dribbling out. Moment. Penetrate. Alive.… Continue Reading


In February 2015 Rachel Kendrigan & Rohan Morris participated in a 3 day intensive workshop An Ecology of Object and Actions with Alexs Danko and Jude Walton. This resulted in a durational performance piece Dissolving Lamberts Swamp Salt with Murray… Continue Reading

Under the Lithosphere

Under the Lithosphere was an intensive one week residency in Mildura with artists Rachel Kendrigan (VIC) Linda Luke (NSW) and Kim Kerze (TAS) Drawing research ideas from the Martin Redfern text ‘The Earth- A Very Short Introduction‘ and responding to… Continue Reading


Works from the private collection of Helen Vivian and Ross Lake. Filomena Coppola, Rachel Kendrigan, Jill Orr – three artists whose work embodies a deeply personal investigation of identity and its relationship to place. These works look so deeply at… Continue Reading