a rose for every good thing you’ve done


Sleeping performance with blanket, made from 96 drawings, red wine on paper

The allusion of the rose meaning confidentiality goes back to classical times. There’s a famous story from those times in which Cupid — the Roman god of love — was said to have given a rose to Harpocrates as a little thank-you bribe for not letting on what his mother Venus, the goddess of sensual love, was up to. So the rose became the symbol of confidentiality in the classical Roman world. The ceilings of Roman dining rooms were decorated with roses to remind guests that what was said there under the influence of wine (sub vino) was also sub rosa, under the rose, privileged and not to be made public.

 This performance came from the concept that in relationships escapism is used as a coping mechanism. Focusing on the positive actions that are made towards you in a relationship, these link together to slowly build a psychological safety blanket- that covers over and protects from acknowledging the negative. In attempting to cling on to thoughts of love, passion and beauty that are slowly diminishing, the negative is ignored and a false viewing of the relationship is formed.

By bringing together drawings into a common household object- the blanket, they become a protection against anger, frustration and sadness. The blanket is something that protects and covers, and underneath is a place where the bad is forgotten and love making takes place.