Gallery 25, Mildura

The act of performance encompasses an experience only shared between the performer and audience in that moment. By re-presenting the performance through image and object, this exhibition seeks to embody the energy of the experience and extend the life of the moment beyond the initial act.

Untitled: Drawing for Mildura Palimpsest #9 was first presented as part of the Mildura Palimpsest Biennale in October 2013. This work was an exploration of presenting process as concept, and extending on the traditional notions of drawing, by engaging in a ritual act of preparation, creation and cleansing. Creating my own medium and using the body as a drawing instrument, the gestures created marks which left behind a narrative of transformation- the body as a palimpsest.

I am interested in the productivity of documents and traces, and how they can re-present a rare and distant moment in a new context. Images captured during the performance for camera, and the detritus of the performance for audience, all provide an unfolding, tangible presence to the temporal and ephemeral nature of the performance.

Moment- a point in time, a juncture. A collection of photographic images that create a narrative of a time passed.

Residue- the energy embodied in the marks carry the meaning of a story made via the body connecting directly on paper.

Relic- the objects, discarded medium and clothing become vessels that hold an essence of the ritual.

Memory- only existing in the minds of the original audience, details are captured and linger, a blurring of time and pace, a dream of a journey.