3 channel video, sound, 16:30 minutes, continuous loop
Found objects, ash, red wine, soil, make up, charcoal, rose petals, oil
Dimensions variable

Untitled: Drawing for Mildura Palimpsest #9 was presented as part of the 2013 Mildura Palimpsest Biennale. The performance involved the body as the active agent within a ritual associated with creation, intimacy and personal transformation. The preparation of medium, using the body as a drawing instrument, and an intimate washing of the body represented a transition to a new beginning- the body as a palimpsest.

Memory- remediation re-presents the performance within a new format that seeks to embody the subjectivity of the act. By enhancing the ritualistic and corporeal aspects within an immersive space, it evokes a mutual exchange of energy through the bodies of the audience.

Three channels of looping video conjure the sense of a fragmented memory, linear time is dissolved and the pace slowed. The rhythmic tapping generates a sense of infinite time, encouraging a meditative and transcendent state.

The vessels displayed in the space hold remnants of the drawing medium, which form links to femininity, ephemerality and transformation. They serve as a reminder of the tactile and tangible traces of the actions to which they are linked.

Inquiry was supported by research into remediation within contemporary performance art. The term remediation is adopted to describe the anticipated and directed outcomes of documents and traces, where performative acts give life to imagined images.

Memory:Remediation was also show at the Melbourne Projection Space in 2015.

Photos by Adam Gleeson Photography.