Mildura Palimpsest #9

Untitled: Drawing for Mildura Palimpsest #9


Live performance

What is 'the self' and how does this operate within society? Untitled (Drawing for Mildura Palimpsest #9) is an exploration of this question, and an attempt to re-instate an authentic individuality for myself. It is an exploration into my struggle between my internal connection/disconnection to 'home' and subsequent control that the external environment has on me. This work is culturally and physically site specific, i.e. the body as a Palimpsest. I am interested in the cycles I experience and how they are illustrated within the body- the physical/psychological cycle infinitely informing itself, and my constant attempts to separate and control the conscious/sub conscious thought- and how these cycles relate to the drawing process. By engaging in rhythmic and repetitious rituals, producing my own drawing medium and using the body as a drawing instrument, I am combining elements of drawing and performance to explore process as a concept. As the body moves in and out of the drawing, the gestures create marks which leave behind a narrative of a transformation. The movements and sounds associated with the work are an ongoing commentary and what remains post performance is a self portrait. The camera lens and the audience encompasses the moment of reflection and documentation.

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