Works from the private collection of Helen Vivian and Ross Lake.

Filomena Coppola, Rachel Kendrigan, Jill Orr – three artists whose work embodies a deeply personal investigation of identity and its relationship to place. These works look so deeply at the question that they reflect back upon our social and cultural histories, as we experience them in our bodies and souls, and reflect forward to where this might take us in the coming centuries. – Helen Vivian

Filomena Coppola

Wallflower – Mirror rorriM, 2011

pastel on paper

100 x 214cm

Rachel Kendrigan

Untitled (Drawing for Mildura Palimpsest #9), 2013

video of performance and mixed media installation

8:31 minutes

Videographer: Robert Klarich

Jill Orr

Antipodean Epic, 2016

Antipodean Epic – Hunted

Antipodean Epic – Night Dust

Antipodean Epic – Survivor

Antipodean Epic – Gypsum

Inkjet Prints on Canson Baryta Photographique 310gsm

H110 x W160 cm

Photographer: Christina Simons